More than being "bad".
Worse than doing something "wrong".
Committing a Sin.
And not just any Sin.
A Mortal Sin.
One of the Seven Deadly Sins.
The eternal torment of Hell awaited those who dared transgress Cannon Law.

The proud Peacock epitomises the vanity of 18th century aristocracy Danielle
Jason Envious of his brother's crown, Prince John was always seeing green
The slumbering dragon was as fierce in anger as the wrath of the Soviet Army. Karen
Andrew The indolence of Rome is the sloth of the world. More than three toes on this one.
Countries, countries, countries. The Greed of the British empire required them all. Shiny baubles like a magpie in her nest. Margaret
Paul More wives, more women, more song. The Gluttonous Henry just couldn't help but make a pig of himself.
A lustful silent-screen femme fatale is prowling for her next meal. Lexy
Andreas The Devil is now free to watch the repercussions unfold on the world.

"And he looked upon them and he saw that it was good"

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